Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ok Girls,
It's almost time to have your list of 100 names and e-mails turned in. Each of you have the actual lists in your fashion team binder that you can use to have girls fill out their info. When you have your 100 names, We need you to type them onto a word document like this..

rachelrocks@yahoo.com, heatheriscool@gmail.com, ilovefashionteam@mecool.com, dressesrfun@prom.com, lovemyhair@dixie.com

Just type in the e-mail addresses and LEAVE one SPACES BETWEEN THE ADDRESSES AND THE COMMA. This is way easier than what the girls have had to do in past years. And this format also makes it easier for us to plug in the addresses and send out the e-mails to these girls.
After you have transferred the email addresses onto a word document, e-mail them to rachel@bridalstgeorge.com, and either take-in, mail, or fax your written list with the complete information to Bridal Elegance. I'll extend the deadline to Oct 15th.
If the document you email to me is not formatted like instructed above...I'll send it back and ask you to fix it. So make sure you check the spelling and also leave one space.
Text or call Heather if you have any questions

Some of you are concerned about getting the 100 names, here are some tips.
-don't only ask your friends.
-ask a teacher that you like if they would allow the list to be passed around to all the girls in their classes during each class.
-Go around to different groups of girls at lunch and ask if they'd like to get info on dress sales and notifications of new dress designs and shipments
-take it to a football game and ask girls there

I know this is a pain...I really do. But if you try for just a few days, you'll have your 100 names over with and done! Thank you for being AWESOME!!! (and remember...you get a free dress out of this so all the work is worth it!)

What Women Want Expo
Oct 24th & 25th
The Fashion Team will be doing live modeling in our booth this year! You will each need to sign up for a 2 hour slot. Here are your options...
Friday the 24th... 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6
Saturday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4
Please e-mail me at rachel@bridalstgeorge and let me know what time spot you'd like.
Then come during your assigned time with hair and make-up done and your own heels, We'll have your dress. Leave a comment or call heather if you have any questions. Thanks

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