Monday, January 12, 2009



  • Fashion Team Update-Prom Magazines are here!! I need you all to come pick them up ASAP and start passing them out. The deadline to have them all out is Feb 20th.While passing them out, please hand them out by hand. Do not place them on parked cars or leave stacks of them around your school. Call me if you'd like tips on getting them out.


  • The Big Bridal Fair is Next Sat the 24th...I need models. Call me asap to Schedule a time, I'll be calling you if you don't schedule by this Thursday. My number is 229-6861 This is a pretty fun event, I know some of you have dances that day, so call me so I can fit you in a good time spot.We have people coming to do your hair and makeup for this Bridal Fair. You'll be modeling Bridal gowns...I'll get you all the info you need when you schedule your time


  • Prom Fashion Show Date....March 3rd
  • It will be at the Dixie College Cox Auditorium, Tuesday night 7pm, March 3rd.This is where you will get to model the 2009 prom line for about 1200 people! I need to send out invitations to all of your YW leaders or other Church/community Groups. Please email me the phone numbers of your ward and stake YW leaders so I can invite them to the show. (my email is ) Please send me these by Thursday as well!

I know this is a lot at once, Thank you for all of your hard work! I'll be sending more information on the Prom Fashion show ASAP!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ok Girls,
It's almost time to have your list of 100 names and e-mails turned in. Each of you have the actual lists in your fashion team binder that you can use to have girls fill out their info. When you have your 100 names, We need you to type them onto a word document like this..,,,,

Just type in the e-mail addresses and LEAVE one SPACES BETWEEN THE ADDRESSES AND THE COMMA. This is way easier than what the girls have had to do in past years. And this format also makes it easier for us to plug in the addresses and send out the e-mails to these girls.
After you have transferred the email addresses onto a word document, e-mail them to, and either take-in, mail, or fax your written list with the complete information to Bridal Elegance. I'll extend the deadline to Oct 15th.
If the document you email to me is not formatted like instructed above...I'll send it back and ask you to fix it. So make sure you check the spelling and also leave one space.
Text or call Heather if you have any questions

Some of you are concerned about getting the 100 names, here are some tips.
-don't only ask your friends.
-ask a teacher that you like if they would allow the list to be passed around to all the girls in their classes during each class.
-Go around to different groups of girls at lunch and ask if they'd like to get info on dress sales and notifications of new dress designs and shipments
-take it to a football game and ask girls there

I know this is a pain...I really do. But if you try for just a few days, you'll have your 100 names over with and done! Thank you for being AWESOME!!! (and get a free dress out of this so all the work is worth it!)

What Women Want Expo
Oct 24th & 25th
The Fashion Team will be doing live modeling in our booth this year! You will each need to sign up for a 2 hour slot. Here are your options...
Friday the 24th... 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6
Saturday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4
Please e-mail me at rachel@bridalstgeorge and let me know what time spot you'd like.
Then come during your assigned time with hair and make-up done and your own heels, We'll have your dress. Leave a comment or call heather if you have any questions. Thanks

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fashion Team Camp 2008

Every year we have a 3 day Fashion Team Camp with girls from across the state of Utah and with our National Team to teach them the skills they will need throughout the year to represent their area. Rachel and I love our girls so much! They are so wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny and totally believe in modesty. I think it can be really hard in the world we live in today to find that because everything is so "grey" in that area, especially when you are a teenager. These girls completely impressed me with their attitudes and staying strong with their values. Here is how we summed up our fun-filled weekend....

Day 1 we checked the girls in and introduced them to the leaders and counselors. Handed out their Sash (each girl represents a school or State and was a "Miss" this weekend) We then played an Ice Breaker game and headed off to Seven Peaks water park for a fun filled afternoon in the sun. Then we checked into out Hotel the Marriott and got cleaned up for our Hawaiian Luau Dinner. Our "Miss Hawaii" Halia taught the girls how to Hula and then we ate yummy pulled pork and all the trimmings. We finished off the night with a Modesty discussion with Rachel and then the girls got to talk to some Young Men about their feelings on Modesty. Then it was back to the hotel, devotional and bed! It was a great start to the camp.

Day 2 was all about Fashion Design, Modeling and of course dresses! We had our head designer Heather Butler come and teach the girls about design and sketching. She was fantastic as usual and the girls loved it! Then we taught them how to model on the runway and learn how to model in a dress and heels followed by fitting them in dresses from our new 2009 Prom line. The Paul Mitchell school came that afternoon to teach them about hair and make-up and then gave the girls a high fashion look for the dresses that night. The girls then put there newly learned skills to work at the largely attended Fashion Show held just for them. The night finished off with a modest dance at the hotel which the girls of course loved! What a great day! It is always the favorite of the camp.

Day 3 the girls got dolled up again by the professionals and did their first photo shoot with our photographer. They loved posing for their head shots. The groups then had some free time to shop and we had a BBQ in the park and had Team meetings to elect our Presidencies. To finish off the week we had our Closing Banquet that night at Utah Valley University. It was great to have the parents come and see what their daughters had learned and applaud their hard work. The girls then said their goodbyes and camp was over :)

We had such a great time getting to know our girls better and loved spending the week with them. We are looking forward to a great year! For more info go to Bridal Elegance Beautifully

Thursday, June 12, 2008


We are thrilled to have you as a member of the Fashion Team and we are looking forward to a fantastic year! Congratulations on making the Team. Here are the Representatives for the Team this year: